Our Strategy

Why our programs work for students

Our strategy is simple. We believe that career exploration should start young, so kids know what they can achieve. Our scalable and specialized business programs for youth have an entrepreneurial focus because we feel many of those skills are transferrable to a variety of career paths. Whether a child sees themselves leading projects in the future, designing products or working in a trade, the entrepreneurial drive to learn and grow will help them be successful in whatever career they choose.

The four core principles of growth

Our curriculum is structured around our four core principles, which serve as a foundation for the way we teach and how we set students up for success:

  • Construct: Every program is designed to be scalable and applicable to students at all levels. Both the Page Scholars and the elementary-aged students we work with are empowered to be leaders in their own lives. They practice organization, creativity, and accountability while working together on a unique project that rewards their hard work.
  • Cultivate: We’re a community-driven organization that strives to show kids how they can impact the world. We emphasize to students that they can take the skills they learn in the classroom and create solutions for problems that their friends, families, and communities face.
  • Conquer: Our programs are built on the belief that all things are accomplishable with hard work and understanding for those around you. We teach kids that their goals are within reach and that they are stronger than they may think.
  • Celebrate: With hard work comes great rewards, and we want to celebrate achievements with students as they reach goals, break barriers, and grow skills that will help them succeed throughout their lives. We consider every accomplishment worth celebrating — whether a student has successfully solved a problem or achieved stronger collaboration with their friends, we want them to know that every win is worth celebrating.

Every child that goes through one of our programs is a valuable member of our community. We empower kids to be the best versions of themselves and to cultivate the best traits of those around them.

Our core competencies

While students in our programs learn many skills, we focus on teaching four core competencies that help children in every aspect of their lives:

  • Empowerment: We want kids to feel empowered to do their best at home, in the classroom, with their friends, and in their communities.
  • Self-Leadership: We want kids to be accountable for their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Whether that results in a win or an opportunity to try again, we want kids to know they’re in charge of their lives and their futures.
  • Futuristic Thinking: We want kids to plan for their futures and feel like they have the power to have successful careers. We want them to know that challenges are temporary, and they have the ability to create a life they love.
  • Innovation: We want kids to think creatively. We want them to practice solving problems and creating solutions nobody else has considered. We want them to think of creativity as a superpower.

While our strategy is simple, the impact that students in our program can have in the world is not. Kids are the future, and our goal is to help them create the brightest future possible.

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